What makes CBD must buy products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is just one of more than 60 components or active ingredients belonging to the group of so-called phytocannabinoid molecules contained in cannabis.

CBD is a natural component of the hemp plant and is known for its vitalizing effect. For many it is appropriate to integrate CBD as a dietary supplement into everyday life and to benefit from it. On CBDWorld there are many different CBD products. Care was taken to ensure that each manufacturer is certified and values ​​biological production. The products are therefore 100% vegan, organic and rich in valuable vitamins, oils, substances and fats.


There are countless CBD products from many more manufacturers. We have selected and explained the most important and common products for you. The best known is of course the CBD oil. It is particularly suitable because it is best to take the CBD through the oral mucosa. So you just have to trickle the tasty oil just under the tongue. But decide for yourself which CBD product is best for you.


Two CBD oil variants are known: the 5% CBD oil and the 10% CBD oil . The difference is usually not that big – apart from the manufacturer. Namely, the percentages indicate how much cannabidiol (CBD) are contained per bottle content. With a 10% oil in a 10ml bottle (this is standard now) 1.000mg of CBD is included. For a 5% CBD bottle only 500mg cannabidiol is included. This is then reflected in the price. However, there is no “better” or “worse” here. The different versions are intended for the consumer and the dosage of the CBD. So everyone can decide for themselves how much CBD he wants to eat – and that’s a good thing.


The CBD capsules are usually dissolved in oil for consumption and taken as drops of CBD oil throughout the day. The difference to the right CBD oil, however, is that the cannabidiol is extracted directly with oil from the plant parts of the hemp. CBD crystals are often produced by chemicals and less often by less harmful substances such as CO2 or ethanol. The production of the CBD oil is much more beautiful, but should not with hemp oil, so cold-pressed oil from the hemp seeds, which contain no cannabinoids, and the so-called hash oil, which is made with THC-containing inflorescences, be confused. CBD oil is available in different doses of active ingredient. A rule of thumb for home use is 10% for standard CBD oil, starting at 3-5 times daily with a dosage of 3 times daily and increasing the dose as needed.


The CBD paste is a dietary supplement. Actually, there are no big differences between the CBD paste and the CBD oil. Nevertheless, many people do not know the difference and would like to inform themselves about it. In short: the production is the same, the ingredients anyway (CBD mixed with oil) but the consistency is different. The CBD paste contains less liquid. It is added to the cannabidiol less oil, so no liquid mass. In this way you can fill the dosing very well and use.


A CBD e-cigarette consists of three parts: the pen, the e-liquid and the battery. The pin is used to hold and operate the mouthpiece with the liquid. You can buy the CBD which includes a CBD battery . This one needs to charge the pen. It is not in vain e-cigarette! Of course you only need to buy the pen and the battery once. Then you simply fill the e-liquid into the e-cigarette or buy another flavor.

Unlike regular cigarettes, liquid CBD does not contain nicotine. An e-liquid usually consists of: cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes, vegetarian glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring agents, water. Of course, the quality of the hemp plants and the certification of the laboratories are taken into consideration during the production. So you can smoke the CBD e-liquids , have fun and take cannabidiol over the mucous membranes.


The cannabidiol cream is usually delivered in a pump bottle . These are known from the usual shower and shaving creams. Of course, the product is only for external use. Depending on your needs you can use the cream in the morning and / or in the evening for showering or bathing. In doing so, the skin is rubbed in well and after allowing everything to take effect, it is possible to rinse off. This procedure is also known from many other care products. This makes the CBD cream very easy and good to use. The cannabidiol is absorbed through the skin.

The CBD cream is not mainly cannabidiol. Rather, a cream is usually made of hemp seed oil, water, coconut oil, almond oil and many other ingredients. The cream is mostly suitable for vegans, is 100% vegetable and can have a hydrating and revitalizing effect.


If you want to buy CBD , then you often ask yourself who is behind the online shops and the products sold there. We are aware of this and therefore transparency is very important to us. Find out more about us and get to know the philosophy.

All products offered here are 100% organic, specially tested and given a fair price . For this you can legally buy the products in Germany – for this we have also written a legality guide , because this question is often raised. In addition, if you buy CBD from us, your delivery usually arrives within 1-2 days. At three times of the day, your products will be shipped from our warehouse so that there are no waiting times and the goods are ready for dispatch on the day of the order.

The product selection when buying CBD is made easier by numerous recommendations, offers and information in the product description. Therefore, be sure to read the texts below the products to get more information and make a good purchasing decision. In addition, we provide all packages with leaflets for taking and dosing the cannabidiol.

CBD is best absorbed via the oral mucosa. Because of this, a CBD oil is very well suited for first use. Just dribble the oil under the tongue and keep it there for a few minutes. The CBD oils differ in CBD content, taste and price. All products sold here are organic and of high quality.

There is a suitable CBD product for everyone! Whether a cream or ointment for direct application to the skin or a paste in a syringe for easy dosing, there is something for everyone. Especially popular are the CBD liquids for e-cigarettes and vaporizers, which are available in different flavors. Of course without additives and with cannabidiol.

What to look for when buying a CBD-based product?

The more varieties with a high CBD content, the greater the variety of products available on the market that are claimed to be the main ingredient in CBD. However, many consumers are not fully aware of how much CBD they need to take and what the oil or tincture they want to buy really contains. That’s why you should definitely consider the following aspects:

1.The product must be labeled with a clear description of the contents of the solution and a clear specification of the quantities per ingredient (such as terpenes, alkanone-derivatized compounds, amino acids, sugars, flavonoids, vitamins etc. and the method of preparation (with olive oil, alcohol, etc.). ) having.
2.The label must continue to contain instructions for use and the indication of the average and maximum doses.
3.It must indicate the exact concentration of the active ingredient CBD.


The CBD effect is not psychoactive, which means that the consumption of CBD-containing products does not lead to intoxication. In high noise hemp it is mostly not included, as it is bred in favor of a higher THC content in the plants. Another reason is that the CBD effect is noise-reducing. It is currently being researched whether it even acts antipsychotic. The fact that CBD is legal as in many other countries of the world, it enjoys a certain increasing popularity. Not only the legal aspect and lack of intoxication, but first and foremost the great health benefits of the substance, make products like CBD oil or CBD liquid for the e-cigarette a fantastic everyday support for those.